Preferred Lender


We are proud to work with Michael Steele of Gateway Mortgage Group as our preferred lender. Mike has over 20 years experience in the mortgage industry and was recognized in 2014 by Mortgage Executive Magazine for being in the Top 1% of Loan Originators.  We have worked with Mike for 16 of those years due to his work ethic, attention to detail and integrity.  We receive nothing in exchange for referring clients other than knowing they will be well taken care of and have a pleasant buying experience.  

If we refer our family to Mike, why would we send our 2CB Family to anyone else?





If you use our preferred lender, we pay your title policy! 
But why?  Wait, what is 2CB getting out of it?
No kickbacks here!  What we gain is a client with a pleasant buying experience.  It is worth it to us to pay your title policy to have peace of mind in knowing you will be well taken care of through the entire buying process and not have to deal with lender disappointment, which could cause your loan to fall through or closing date to be delayed.  In the 16 years we have worked with Mike, we have had nothing fall through the cracks!