2CB Builders, LLC partnership was established in 2014.  Our two owners, Julie Crimmins and Sheri Bumgardner, have worked together in varying capacities for over 25 years and have always wanted to build together with one goal in mind – to bring a quality custom home to the marketplace, while providing a value that is missing in the market today.  An experienced female design/construction team provides an added attention to details sometimes overlooked in the male dominated industry.  2CB Builders was not created to join the tract building boom – stamping out cookie cutter designs in mass with profit as the only motivation, but aim to build custom dream homes, one at a time, at a portion of the “dream price”.  The “C” and “B” of 2CB Builders joined forces in 2014 with over 50 years combined experience in the construction business.  Julie has directly supervised the construction of over 300 homes ranging in square footage from 1,000 to 6,000 square feet.  Sheri is our Designer and Design Manager and brings extensive design experience to the table, having designed hundreds of custom homes from 1983 to present.

When you enter one of our homes you will not only see the difference but you will feel the difference.  These are homes for the modern family and are built with family living in mind.

With the market being what it is today (and looking to the future)– a custom builder is often left at a loss to find quality lots on which to build a custom home.  The available raw land is quickly being monopolized by volume builders in order to keep an inventory of lots on which to stamp out their cookie cutter homes.  Homes which bring a great profit to them, but a lessor value to the consumer.  In order to combat this growing problem, we have also begun to develop raw land into small enclaves in which a custom product will thrive and home values will grow over the years.  Unique homes in equally unique neighborhoods – our commitment to our future and yours!